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Wrought Iron Products for Residential

Enhance the exterior and interior of your home with our range of aesthetically appealing wrought iron products! All our products are hand-made. We use high-quality steel and a variety of finishes, including, but not limited to, the following.

For exterior products, rust-proof, hot deep galvanizing, powder coating, or painting.

We cover interior products with black or custom finish special painting, e.g. natural metal color, antique bronze, antique gold, antique copper, or patina.

With all our products, we offer a complete list of services, including Design and Fabrication of Wrought Iron Elements, Rust Proof Treatment and Custom Finish, Delivery and Installation of Gates, Fences, Railings, Grills and many other products.

Gracious and Durable Interior Products

Custom furniture and accessories, including tables, chairs, stools, mirrors, chandeliers, wine racks, and more.

We offer a wide range of wrought iron interior products and elements, from candlesticks, mirrors and fireplace tools, to furniture, to stairs and railings, to anything you can think of. We find it especially satisfying when we can turn your creative ideas into a solid shape.

We can custom make any of our creations to suit your needs, or you may find something in our showroom which is ready to go and perfectly suited to your home and budget.

Every item is a product of sophisticated design and high-quality workmanship.

elegant wrought iron railings

One of the most popular products is railing. Not only is Wrought Iron Railing durable but it is also one of the most elegant types of railings.

wrought iron fireplace screen
We offer various Forged Fireplace Tools & Accessories that will serve and your heirs for ages, making your fireplace safe and beautiful.
wrought iron mirror frame

A wrought iron mirror frame will bring a unique and rustic look to your home.

Adamant Forging delivers only the best-quality forged products. We will take care of every tiny detail, striving for our products to meet your highest expectations.

All our Indoor items are powder coated to give a top-quality lasting finish. We also offer a selection of hand-painted finish that are popular because of the antique look they create.

If you are driven by budget, size specifications, style, or any other factor, contact us today to discuss how Adamant Forging can meet your needs.

Astonishing Balconies

Add the decorative touch with Adamant Forging! We design highly durable custom wrought iron balcony railings and balustrades that meet construction & safety standards and add create a add unique look to your property.

wrought iron balcony

For upper floor windows or doors where no walk-on facility is required, we offer elegant Juliette balconies and a wide selection of small decorative balconies. Mild steel is shaped then galvanized for maximum protection against Ontario’s harsh outdoors. Our experts will suggest various paint finishes for your balcony.

Also, based on your style and budget preferences, we can create and install framed, semi-framed, or frameless glass balustrades, shades and awnings, and other amazing elements to make your balcony beautiful and cozy regardless of the weather.

Timeless Design and Impressive Durability of Your Gates

Gate is the first thing you and your guests see entering your property, so you want to make sure that your gates create the right impression.
At Adamant Forging, we believe that quality design is the starting point for all architectural ironwork but especially for gates.

wrought iron gates

When designing gates, we make sure that the product will be in keeping with the property style, in the appropriate size, and proportion to the building. Of course, based on the design and measurements of the gates, we will pick materials of the correct weight.

For walking entry gates, a solid section steel gate is one of the best options, combining strength and a feeling of substance.

If you have a wooden fence and you would like to enhance the view of your entrance, we will offer a variety of different inserts, so you can choose to customize your design.

wrought iron ornament in a wooden gateWooden fence & gate with a custom wrought iron insert

Steel driveway gates will emphasize the status of your property. We will be glad to create a unique pattern, putting together slim profiles of solid steel sections. With our expertise in blacksmith and the best materials, you have endless design opportunities.

wrought iron gates

For better convenience and security, the gates can be automated and linked to your intercom system.

Outdoor items we produce are hot-dip galvanized to prevent rusting. When it comes to quality we are above and beyond competition and our stunning handcrafted pieces highlight the vast difference from that of the ready-made wrought iron products.

Elegant and Strong Grills

There may be many reasons why you want to enhance your home with our Wrought Iron Grills. Whether it is for security, safety, or style, Adamant Forging will be happy to create grills that will last for decades, providing esthetic satisfaction to you and your guests.

Window Grilles allow you to leave your windows open while keeping your home secured. Our grilles are hand-forged, made in solid wrought iron, and feature stunning designs that complement your style and architecture. We offer various standard designs and are always glad to create a custom line based on your specifications.

We also have wrought iron grill designs that are suitable for offices, factories, warehouses, industrial, commercial, and public buildings.

All outdoor grills are hot-dip galvanized, which guarantees they will serve you for many decades.

To match your property style, we offer various finish types and colors.

Stairs and Railings. Elegant Strength

The importance of stairs and railings for your property safety and comfort should never be underestimated. In many cases, they are the most notable parts of the property frontage or interior design. The outdoor elements must complement the house and gates, serving as a solid, yet well-favored boundary to the property. As to the in-house stairs and railings, they should match the general interior style and of course be durable, reliable, and perfectly safe for everyone living in the house and visiting it.

To create a great design for railings, we consider multiple factors, including industry safety standards, material sizes, heights, and ornamental elements of your choice.

Upgrade Your Existing Railings

If you already have metal railing with strait pickets and it looks too plain, we can adorn it with our custom wrought iron elements, so you can save big on replacement!

We have varieties of different inserts you can choose from to create your unique design. What is more, with that kind of decoration, no welding is required.

Before After

Handrails & Balustrades

Handrails and balustrades play an important role in your property architecture. Handrails on stairs and ramps prevent falls and create a feeling of reassurance. Wrought iron handrails usually have rounded tops for comfort and can be finished with a decorative coating to add an elegant look.

For greater comfort and to match the general design, we offer various options for handrails, including timber or brass top rails, and more.

Custom-Made Gazebo & Patio

Would you enjoy your backyard or garden much more if you could rest in a gazebo or on a patio designed just for you? Do you want something that will look good and will last a lifetime? Adamant Forging will help you make the most of your outdoor spaces with our quality wrought iron products.

Our handcrafted elements also include shades and awnings, bench seats, arbors, climbing frames for trailing plants, obelisks, arches, pergolas, and much more.

Wrought Iron is an ideal choice for your outdoor areas – it is a hardy material and can be formed into striking patterns or intricate designs making each project a work of art. It is perfect for windy areas and requires very little maintenance. Cleaning iron design furniture is also very easy.

All our outdoor products are hot-dip galvanized which guarantees your favorite garden or backyard spot the highest quality protection from rust.

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